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Coaching is really the ultimate bespoke learning opportunity. The coachee sets the agenda and coach leads the process, asks the questions that need to be answered and offers theoretical models to help understanding. We coach people face to face and…

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Facilitation is about providing a process for groups who need to reflect on the past, present or future. It gives structure and shape to the conversations that need to take place in organisations and their teams. Our aim is to make sure they result in motivation, innovation and genuine progress.

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Our approach to training is interactive, experiential and backed up with both established and emerging theory. We provide training in leadership, change, performance management, coaching skills and organisation culture. We design programmes to meet your specific requirements…

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Organisation Development


We really enjoy combining coaching, facilitation and training with some consultancy on systems and processes, to develop a cohesive Organisation Development strategy. This integrated approach ensures maximum benefit from the constituent parts. It provides the rationale for organisation-wide support and contributes to sustainable change.

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360 Degree Feedback


To support much of what we do, we have available an online tool for 360 degree feedback (sometimes known as multi rate feedback).  This is a bespoke service run by people who know how the data will be used. Ideally we work with our clients to design questions and coach those receiving the feedback to ensure they get the most from the process.

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