Throughout this site, we have used the word ‘we’ almost in the Royal sense.  Mostly ‘we’ is Jonathan Bowyer.  Jonathan is always keen to maintain close working relationships with his clients but he also regularly shares his work with associates from all over Europe. If we don’t have what is needed to deliver the required solution then we will work in partnership with others to ensure a full and seamless service. 

Jonathan is a highly experienced coach, facilitator, trainer, leader and manager.  Clients invariably return for more of what he has to offer

Jonathan’s ability to quickly gain an objective overview of a project or organisation, and his ability to develop solutions are key to his company’s success. A creative mind, integrity and a commitment to working with all stakeholders combine with a wide experience of partnership working and people development.

Jonathan’s CV begins…

“My working life began in the oil exploration business offshore in the North Sea and the Red Sea and onshore in London, Aberdeen and Cairo.

A major career shift took me into training and personal development. I have worked with senior executives and Directors, graduate trainees, young unemployed people, shop floor workers and owner-managers. I was Centre Manager and then Marketing Director in a large Training and Development Centre and have worked as an internal consultant in a large National Charity.

The View from Where?

I started the “The View From Here” in 2001. Rather than boasting about the great view from my office, the name reflects the fact that I enjoy helping people and organisations see things from different points of view. This can help to improve customer service, develop partnership and team working, resolve conflict and improve leadership and management performance. I have a keen interest in values based leadership; helping employers and employees to be true to their own values and helping organisations connect with their local communities.”

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