360 Degree Feedback

360 degree feedback is a tool for collecting feedback from a range of colleagues and other interested parties. It provides a snapshot – or a panorama – of perceptions about performance.
Our first foray into 360 Feedback came about because we asked a client a simple question – ‘How do you know how well your people are doing?’
The result was the development of a set of questions based on a competency framework, which was based in turn on the company values
Over the last six years, we have developed our expertise in designing questions and encouraging people to respond with open, honest and frank feedback. We have also developed the software to offer an simple but effective, bespoke online service.

Just like our training, we don’t do ‘off-the-shelf’ 360 degree feedback surveys. We still start with the organisation’s values and objectives. We discuss the competencies required to live them out, and from there we develop a unique set of questions.

The feedback we collect is used for individual coaching, regular appraisal, training needs analysis and succession planning.

If you would like to talk about how we can help, just ask and we will give you a call or for more information please visit our 360 Degree Feedback website

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