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In a nutshell…

We’re a consulting and development company. We accompany our clients though periods of development and change and we use coaching, facilitation and training to find creative ways forward
We work with a wide range of organisations, teams and individuals; leaders, managers and team members; in the UK, Europe and beyond.
We don’t do ‘off the shelf’ – everything is designed to meet our clients’ needs, aspirations and context. And ideally we work in sustained relationships to ensure long term benefits.
Values drive our business: we value integrity, challenge, flexibility and responsiveness and we aim to demonstrate these things in all that we do. We also help businesses to articulate and consistently operate according to their own clear values.
So if you’re ‘just looking’ click-on anything that catches your eye to see if it fits your needs. If you don’t see what you are looking for, just ask.

What brings people to us?

The actual words vary but typically people who come to us are saying something like…

  • We’re being asked to do more with less
  • There is so much potential there – we want to make the best of it
  • My role is changing – I need to navigate some new responsibilities
  • This problem is just so ingrained in the culture – we can’t shift it
  • I didn’t really want this responsibility but I want to make the best of it
  • We need some help to weather this storm
  • I just had some feedback that I’m not happy with (or… I’m delighted with)
  • We need to find out exactly how our key staff are performing

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